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Millennial Marketing

I just published a piece about the importance of having a conversation with Millenials, rather than directing traditional “top down” advertising at them. The article includes 10 ideas that can help you connect with them on their terms. Read the complete post here…(Read More)

ABODO Apartment Search

Joining ABODO


It’s been more than a dozen years since I left Needless to say, I didn’t expect to jump back in to the multifamily space. But after working pretty closely as an advisor with the team at ABODO, I’m excited to be joining their team as the VP, Marketing. The company…(Read More)

Cinephiled Movie Reviews Site

Launching Cinephiled


Last month, we quietly launched, a new film and pop culture site that delivers a mixture of commentary, community, creativity and conversation for people who love film and pop culture. Cinephiled features a staff of writers who have previously contributed to publications as diverse and distinguished as The Village Voice,, Film…(Read More)

Congrats to Abodo


Congrats to the team at Abodo for closing their seed round! After so many years away from the apartment listing realm, it’s impressive to see a group of founders innovating in this space. It’s a real pleasure to work with them and I’m looking forward to watching them grow! Read more here…(Read More)

One aspect of Facebook’s new platform includes the ability to create a business listing. Categories include Local and Brand/Product. Here’s a screen capture… The link, which reads “Create a Page for My Business” can be found on the bottom of a some but not all pages. Here’s a screen shot…(Read More)

For many novices to search engine optimization keyword usage is a mystery if not an overlooked skill. Understanding how to select and use keywords is a core skill in successful SEO. To master keyword usage, SEMs should focus on three things: Keyword Research, Content Development and Link Popularity. KEYWORD RESEARCH In its simplest form, keyword…(Read More)