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Miles Forrest interviews Avdi Grimm on his new book “Exceptional Ruby”. Dealing with unexpected failures in code is tough, and oftentimes error processing is dealt with in a haphazard way. Hear the 5 questions you need to ask before writing code to handle unexpected failures, as well as his story about a cascading failure that…(Read More)

Ruby on Rails makes it easy to bootstrap a greenfield project. Unfortunately not all projects are greenfield, so sometimes you need to work with a legacy database schema. ActiveRecord is a great choice when you have a full control over your database from the very beginning, but what should you do if you need to…(Read More)

Piotr Solnica, one of our team members, has just been added to the DataMapper Core Team.  Dan Kubb, the team lead, wrote: “Piotr has been involved in DataMapper for several years now, and has been doing some amazing work on the DataMapper Property API, heading up our CI server configuration and many other areas… he…(Read More)

Code Highlighting


Testing CodeColorer, the code highlighting plugin… [cc lang=”ruby”] # Everything, including a literal, is an object, so this works: -199.abs # 199 “ruby is cool”.length # 12 “Your mother is nice.”.index(“u”) # 2 “Nice Day Isn’t It?”.downcase.split(“”).sort.uniq.join # ” ‘?acdeinsty” [/cc] Nice… Instructions are here…(Read More)