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Hey friends! You’ve prob seen some delete Facebook stuff. Clearly they’ve made some mistakes. So in an effort to help push Fb to a stronger privacy policy, I’ve joined MeWe. I’m not planning on leaving Fb but if you’re so inclined feel free to connect with me on mewe here…(Read More)



Happy to announce that we just launched a new website for Dayna’s new education consultant business, MyEdAdvisor. Dayna has been working with high school and college students for more than 20 years, providing a combination of mental health and educational advisory services. Over her last few years of working with an at-risk population…(Read More)

Cascadia Ruby is shaping up to be another great community gathering for the Pacific Northwest. Aquo is proud to be a Cascadia company and we’re proud to be sponsoring the event. Check out the awesome lineup of speakers and then go register. And a huge thanks to Ben and Shane for organizing… See ya…(Read More)

Check out the Engine Yard podcast “Cloud Out Loud” interview with Matt and Mike where we talk Aquo, how we work, Ruby on Ales, Bend, Oregon and lots more…(Read More)

Huge Thanks


Well, Ruby on Ales came and went. Based on the feedback I received from attendees and speakers, everyone had a pretty good time. I’m pretty amazed that the whole thing came off without a hitch… whew! We are planning a repeat performance next year. And, we are considering options for a summer/fall event…(Read More)

Following the massive earthquake off the North East coast of Japan, hundreds of thousands are without shelter, power, food or water. Japan is the birthplace of Ruby. Matz and the Ruby core team have made our lives better. It’s now our turn to help. Rubyists for Japan is an effort to help build awareness…(Read More)

Ruby on Ales!


Matt and I have been talking about doing a software conference here in Bend for quite some time. After all, there’s a lot of people that have never heard of Bend, Oregon, not to mention the exceptional technical talent that this community has attracted. So while we were in New Orleans at RubyConf, thanks…(Read More)

RailsConf was great this year. Got to meet a bunch of new people that I hope to keep in touch with. After a crazy flight back to the west coast – 15 hours of flying, circling, diverting, waiting, unloading, loading, sitting, waiting for a pilot from Baltimore to Portland – these are the things that…(Read More)

I missed Robert Kieffer’s post back in March on this. And, I find it so interesting that I thought it’d be worth sharing again… Among other things, maps the connections of some 200 million Facebook user profiles and illustrates the “thickness” of those networks between various cities. For example, here is…(Read More)