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Amazon just announced the launch of its new S3 service, which allows developers to utilize their highly-scalable storage systems. Of course, web-based storage is not novel. This does appear to be an evolution away from ISP hosting services in favor of content distributors. Yes, believe it or Amazon is a content developer, not…(Read More)

AOL and Warner Bros. announced that they are collaborating on a new, broadband content network, In2TV.More precisely, In2TV will offer free, on-demand download of television shows, including Warner’s historical archive of classics. The service, which is available exclusively through AOL’s site, will offer a range of classics shows such as Welcome…(Read More)

I recently received a mass email communication from, a political action group whose newsletter I receive. The email begins as follows:”AOL recently announced what amounts to an ’email tax.’ Under this pay-to-send system, large emailers willing to pay an ’email tax’ can bypass spam filters and get guaranteed access to…(Read More)

Observers of Microsoft’s product development over the last couple decades have noted the Company’s exceptionally poor timing. They were late to the Web and let Netscape own the browser at first. They were late to “software as a service” and let grab the early lead. In fact, they continue to play…(Read More)

Google is used to attacking 900 pound gorillas. Just ask Steve Balmer. But its announcement this weekend, seems squarely targeted at Apple and its recent successes with the iPod. On Saturday, Google announced that its Google Video service will be incorporating an open and flexible pricing mechanism for content distributors that are interested in offering…(Read More)

“Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a civil lawsuit on Monday against Sony BMG Music Entertainment for allegedly including spyware on its media player designed to thwart music copying… [more at ZDNet]” In what appears to be the first change in moment in the DRM wars, Texas has filed suit against Sony BMG for including…(Read More)

What follows is a reprint of a widely-released note written by Ray Ozzie, the Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft, with critical insights in to the future of software services. His perspective and leadership will be a key component of the future of Internet services and should therefore be carefully considered by early-stage technology…(Read More)

The november issue of Wired Magazine include a Post from the venerable Lawrence Lessig, the author of Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace.Lessig discusses the conflict that is brewing between Google and the Association of American Publishers (AAP). Read his comments yourself to get the complete picture. To paraphrase, Google is forcing book publishers…(Read More)

According to an article in WebProNews title Use MSN, Gates May Write You A Check, Microsoft is planning is planning to test a number of ways to compensate search users to use MSN.Gates claims that Google is generating about $50 a year per user. He suggested that free content or perhaps even cash could…(Read More)

SoCalTech’s lead story this morning…—————-Google, Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Team On VideoSearch engine giant Google and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation said this morning that the two are teaming to provide television archive footage in Google Video. The Academy will make its historical American television archive available for…(Read More)