Launching CrowdStreet

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After a almost a year of product development, marketing and customer development, I’m excited to be launching CrowdStreet, a commercial real estate crowdfunding platform. The $254 billion commercial real estate financing market is ripe for disruption. CrowdStreet is a fundraising platform connecting accredited investors with high-quality, professionally-managed real estate investments. Investors get direct access to [...]

Interview with Avdi Grimm, author of “Exceptional Ruby”

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Miles Forrest interviews Avdi Grimm on his new book “Exceptional Ruby”. Dealing with unexpected failures in code is tough, and oftentimes error processing is dealt with in a haphazard way. Hear the 5 questions you need to ask before writing code to handle unexpected failures, as well as his story about a cascading failure that [...]

Hate Legacy Apps? Then You’ll Love DataMapper

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Ruby on Rails makes it easy to bootstrap a greenfield project. Unfortunately not all projects are greenfield, so sometimes you need to work with a legacy database schema. ActiveRecord is a great choice when you have a full control over your database from the very beginning, but what should you do if you need to [...]

CiviData Launches

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A well-deserved congratulations to the team at CiviData on the Beta launch of their new local government data aggregation and comparison tool. After several months of iteration, the product is being launched to invitees only. If you are an employee of a local or state government and want a better understanding of how your services [...]

Congratulations, Piotr!

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Piotr Solnica, one of our team members, has just been added to the DataMapper Core Team.  Dan Kubb, the team lead, wrote: “Piotr has been involved in DataMapper for several years now, and has been doing some amazing work on the DataMapper Property API, heading up our CI server configuration and many other areas… he’s been extremely helpful inside [...]

Metaweb Joins Google

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Everyone, everywhere should know about Metaweb, a company incubated by Applied Minds. Why? Because now that Google has purchased the company and Freebase, their growing open database of  “entities” (think: logically ordered keywords), everything from content creation and SEO to distribution is going to change. Not overnight or anything. But it will change. Don’t get it? [...]

WordPress Security Plugin for Rackspace Cloud Sites

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Anyone that manages a WordPress site knows that it can be a bit of a challenge to maintain site security. And, if you are managing a lot of them it can be quite an effort. Today, I found myself cleaning out a site that had been the subject of a malicious attack. And  after securing [...]

My Favorite Apps for Startups (and anyone else that wants be agile)

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Over the last 15 years I’ve worked with quite a few startups and growth-oriented companies. During that time frame the way we have all worked has changed dramatically. Most importantly, small teams rely upon efficient collaboration to do more with less time and fewer resources. When I’m working with clients I often find that they [...]

Code Highlighting

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Testing CodeColorer, the code highlighting plugin… [cc lang="ruby"] # Everything, including a literal, is an object, so this works: -199.abs # 199 “ruby is cool”.length # 12 “Your mother is nice.”.index(“u”) # 2 “Nice Day Isn’t It?”.downcase.split(“”).sort.uniq.join # ” ‘?acdeinsty” [/cc] Nice… Instructions are here.