Hate Legacy Apps? Then You’ll Love DataMapper

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Ruby on Rails makes it easy to bootstrap a greenfield project. Unfortunately not all projects are greenfield, so sometimes you need to work with a legacy database schema. ActiveRecord is a great choice when you have a full control over your database from the very beginning, but what should you do if you need to [...]

Ruby on Ales!

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Matt and I have been talking about doing a software conference here in Bend for quite some time. After all, there’s a lot of people that have never heard of Bend, Oregon, not to mention the exceptional technical talent that this community has attracted. So while we were in New Orleans at RubyConf, thanks to [...]

Metaweb Joins Google

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Everyone, everywhere should know about Metaweb, a company incubated by Applied Minds. Why? Because now that Google has purchased the company and Freebase, their growing open database of  “entities” (think: logically ordered keywords), everything from content creation and SEO to distribution is going to change. Not overnight or anything. But it will change. Don’t get it? [...]

Android Email Bug: Known Problem?

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Earlier this week, I wrote about the a crazy bug in the Android email app that I discovered on my Nexus One, which posed a significant privacy risk when users send emails from their device. I submitted the bug report to Google and earlier today I received a reply. The email (below) includes instructions to [...]

Why I’m scared to send email from my Nexus One

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I picked up my Nexus One pretty soon after it was release earlier this year. I knew going in that there was a good chance that the device would have bugs. But I figured after several commercial distributions through other handset makers that the risk was pretty small. After all this is Android 2.0 we’re [...]

Search Engine Optimization: Marketing and Technology

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This is a tale of two cities — no make that universes. In one universe, you have traditional marketers, whose purpose in life it is to create content shaped to a customer’s needs and behaviors. In the other universe, you have programmers, whose existence is dedicated to building efficient, flexible and reliable platforms for delivering [...]