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I help startups align to customer needs, establish product-market fit and grow sustained revenue.

The secret to successful startups? Understanding your customer.

Learn to identify your ideal customer and their exact needs. Build products they love. Avoid wasting time and budget. Skyrocket your chances of success.

Michael Taus


Startup Advisory

Strategic Coaching from Idea to Scale

Customer Discovery

Identify customer pains and problems to prioritize your product roadmap and marketing.

Product-Market Fit

Align your product to customer needs to prove objective value and drive revenue growth.


Standup a marketing and sales engine to achieve repeatable and scalable revenue growth.

Fractional CMO

Standup a GTM Org with Confidence


Drive superior results by targeting the right accounts at the right time with the right message.

Demand Gen

Efficiently scale your sales and marketing team by automating activities, while maintaining quality.

Sales Playbook

Ascertain priority needs, design the right solution and prove value throughout the customer experience.

Strategic SEO/SEM

Attract customers when they’re in need to deliver long-term growth and develop a competitive moat.

Content Marketing

Lead the conversation to define your expertise, educate your market and build trust in your brand.

Fractional CMO

Augment your organization and mentor key team members to improve execution across your product, marketing and sales.

“One of the most talented thought-leaders of our generation… a keen observer of people, their habits and the businesses that strive to service them.”

Marc Levey

Chair New Media Council, Producers Guild

“He is an exemplary leader and those who work with him find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating.”

Trang LĂȘ Bozon

Senior VP, Hutchinson Marks + Co

“A powerhouse in venture capital and developing new companies.”

Suzanne Appel

Sr. Digital Acquisition Manager, Medtronic

“An uncommon grasp of not only the big picture and how to get there, but is comfortable thrashing through the details as well.”

Ted Lanes

Chief Financial Officer

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