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angellist-logo2If you’re a startup founder, you’ve got one pitch deck for investors, another for sales, one for advisors that your try to recruit and you might have one for co-founders. And keeping all of those decks update and useful has always been a time-consuming effort. The good news is that the guys from Venture Hacks decide to make your life a bunch easier by introducing AngelList

Think of AngelList as all the most important elements of your pitch deck with nothing else. Your idea, team, advisors, investors, product and – wait for it – your traction. That’s it. Now add a social network as plumbing and you’ve got the best thing to hit a founder in the face since a Sequoia term sheet.

If you’re a founder and interested in raising money, recruiting team members and advisors, you really ought to have a personal profile up on Angel and one for your company, too.

Here’s mine: Michael Taus on AngelList.